Alternative Holiday Tunes

Holiday music can be a drag.  Every year, the same songs, the same singers… and then there’s the jingling.  SO. MUCH. JINGLING.  That’s why we’ve been searching the vaults for cool, unique holiday tunes that everyone isn’t already sick.  We’ll be playing some new takes on old standards, as well as original tunes that explore some of the darker themes of the season.  Check out this delightfully bleak track by Glasgow based artists Nieves.

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Joey Headset Reviews: Radiohead


It’s hard to believe that five years have passed since the release of Radiohead’s previous LP, “The King of Limbs”. And in the case of Radiohead, time really does fly when you’re having fun! If by “fun” you mean experiencing intense feelings of alienation, ennui and a general sense of apprehension about the entirety of human existence. On Radiohead’s new LP “A Moon Shaped Pool”, these seasoned British art-rockers have stormed back to release another musical opus, filled with anthemic jams, hook-laden pop, and funky beats galore.

LOLZ, jk ya’ll—this is Radiohead. They are still completely freaking miserable.


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Johnny Cash’s “Bitter Tears”

We recently found out that not only was Johnny Cash very passionate about standing up for Native American rights, but that he wrote a concept album about it in 1964, before the concept of a “concept album” was even a thing. Here’s a neat write up about it, and some information about the PBS documentary that was just released about it and the making of the “Bitter Tears” tribute album that was recorded a few years ago with contributions from Kris Kristofferson, Emmy Lou Harris and more. Check it out, and check out the video below.

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¡Morrissey en Español!

The day we learned there’s a group doing Spanish language covers of classic Morrissey songs was the day we wondered how we ever lived in a world that *didn’t* contain such a thing. Introducing Mexrrissey, a Morrissey-tribute supergroup featuring members from Mexican Institute of Sound and Calexico. Here’s their cover of Suedehead.

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