Where Are They Now: Sean Paul

The year was 2003.  Americans spent their days rocking out to nü-metal and their nights obsessing over the dramatic lives of good looking white people on TV dramas like “The OC”.  Perhaps no song captured the spirit of 2003 like Reggae upstart Sean Paul’s infamous booty shaking anthem “Get Busy.”

Sure, other songs have encouraged individuals to “shake that thing”, but Mr. Paul innovated the trend by asking specific individuals to shake their specific things:  Miss Kana Kana.  Joanna.  Miss Annabella.  Donna.  Jodi and The One called Rebecca.

Now 14 years later, it’s hard not to wonder WHERE ARE THEY NOW?

Kana Kana is currently a dental hygienist working in Bethesda, Maryland.

Joanna joined the Merchant Marines.

Annabella sells used DVDs outside a gas station in Milwaukee.

Donna became the Prime Minister of Norway.

Jodi and The One Called Rebecca run Facebook’s 4th most popular Ryan Seacrest fan page.

Now you know.  And knowing is at least 32% of the battle.